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ClearTouch Glass Anti-UV EyeCare - Apple iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

Apple iPhone 7 Plus ClearTouch Glass Anti-UV EyeCare



If you are ready to bring screen protection to the next level, you will love the ClearTouch Glass Anti-UV EyeCare!

Built tough, the ClearTouch Glass Anti-UV EyeCare is designed to hold up to scratches and offer your Apple iPhone 7 Plus's screen extreme protection. With its many features, the ClearTouch Glass Anti-UV EyeCare is the best accessory for your new Apple iPhone 7 Plus!

Made with a thin layer of oleophobic & lyophobic coating that repel water and finger oil or skin oil from your face while talking on the phone. With its anti-blue light feature, it filters out the blue light to protect your eyes and optimizes the screen's readability for better quality performance with minimal eye strain. By blocking off the blue light, it effectively prevents eye damage and absorption of light.

The ClearTouch Glass Anti-UV EyeCare utilizes a silicon adhesive to easily stick to the Apple iPhone 7 Plus's screen. The ClearTouch Glass Anti-UV EyeCare installs perfectly in mere seconds! Just correctly line up the cut-outs, push out the air beneath the protector, and you're done!

Removal is just as easy as installation. Simply lift from any corner, and the ClearTouch Glass Anti-UV EyeCare comes off clean - it won't leave any unwanted sticky residue on the screen!

ClearTouch Glass UV Safe: Clear visibility.


  • Durable glass Apple iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector!
  • Easy Bubble-free Application
  • 99% Visual Transparency
  • Sized to specifically fit the Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  • Repels Water and Grease
  • Protects Sensitive Touchscreen Against Scratches
  • Super Durable, Long Lasting Protection
  • Anti-Blue Light (UV) Film prevent eye damage from blue light when staring at the screen for long periods
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 7 Plus

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