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CameraGuard Lens Protector - Apple iPhone X Screen Protector

CameraGuard iPhone X Lens Protector



Recent tests have exposed that the sapphire crystal used in the Apple iPhone X camera might not be as tough as we once thought. Because the camera protrudes from the device itself, it's important to protect it from scratches and fractures.

Enter the CameraGuard Lens Protector. This discrete lens cover protects your Apple iPhone X from drops and scratches because of its ultra-strong, 9H tempered glass construction. What's more, its 99% transparent, so it won't affect the quality of your photos or videos.

The CameraGuard Lens Protector is incredibly easy to install. For Bubble free installation in less than a minute, simply;
Remove the protective backing
Line up the CameraGuard with your device's lens
Press down to push the air from below.

The CameraGuard Lens Protector uses a glueless adhesive to stick to your Apple iPhone X's lens, so you'll never have to worry about sticky residue when it comes time to remove or replace it. Just peel it off and you're done!


  • Resists Scratching - Protects the thin sapphire crystal camera lens of your Apple iPhone X
  • Does Not Affect Picture Quality - 99% Visual transparency means your pictures will look as good as ever
  • Fits Perfectly - Sized specifically for the Apple iPhone X's camera lens
  • Installs Easily - Bubble free installation in less than a minute
  • As Tiny as it is Tough - Adds less than 2mm thickness to your device
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone X
  • Material: Tempered Glass

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