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TrueView Glass Case - Apple iPhone 11 Pro Case

TrueView Glass Case



Don't hide your Apple iPhone 11 Pro behind a bulky and oversized case! Show off its original beauty while protecting it with the TrueView Glass Case: A strong hybrid case made of crystal clear Tempered Glass bonded to shock-absorbing rubberized TPU bumpers.

Made specifically for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro, the TrueView Glass Case is PRECISELY engineered to match its every shape and contour.

The back of the TrueView Glass Case is made of 9H tempered glass, which is the HIGHEST RATED tempered glass protector in the world! It provides scratch-proof protection while preserving the pristine look and feel of your Apple iPhone 11 Pro.

The glass backing is then paired with the tough but elegant rubberized bumpers, which protects against bumps, scratches, and drops. Additionally, the TPU has a tactile feel, which IMPROVES the grip you have on your Apple iPhone 11 Pro!

TrueView Glass Case: A TRUE CLASS ACT!


  • 🧩 [SLIM AND PERFECT FIT] Engineered precisely for your Apple iPhone 11 Pro and matches every shape and contour. All buttons and ports are easily accessible.
  • ğŸ’Ž [TEMPERED GLASS BACK] Made with CRYSTAL CLEAR 9H rated Tempered Glass backing utilizing the world's highest-rated scratch-resistant glass material.
  • 🛡 [RUBBERIZED TPU BUMPERS] Shock-absorbing TPU lines your Apple iPhone 11 Pro perfectly to offer strong protection.
  • 🖐 [TACTILE GRIP] Improves the grip of your Apple iPhone 11 Pro so that you never drop it again!
  • ğŸŽ [NEAR FACTORY LOOK AND FEEL] The TrueView Glass Case is thin but protective , to preserve the original beauty of your Apple iPhone 11 Pro!
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 11 Pro
  • Material: Glass

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