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AccuPoint SE Active Stylus

AccuPoint SE Active Stylus


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The AccuPoint SE Active Stylus from BoxWave was designed to look and feel just like a real pen. Unlike standard styluses, which use bulky rubber bulbs to make contact to your devices screen, the AccuPoint SE Active Stylus emits small electronic pulses to make contact with the screen, allowing you to write with a much finer tip, and a much more natural pressure and writing position.

Simply touch the ultra accurate 2mm tip to your touchscreen with the same pressure you would use pen to paper, and draw, write, tap and swipe for up to 12 hours. When its time to recharge, simply plug your AccuPoint SE Active Stylus into the included Micro USB cable.

The solid bushed aluminum construction is both lightweight and durable, meaning you just might get through all 5 of the included replacement tips over years of heavy usage. We've gone to great lengths to make this stylus feel just like using a real pen, so its really no surprise that the attached aluminum clip stays firm and feels durable, even when clipped to and removed from pockets frequently.

Make the switch from pen and paper to stylus and tablet with the AccuPoint SE Active Stylus: A Stylus that looks and feels just like a real pen.


  • Ultra accurate 2mm tip lets you tap, swipe, and draw accurately, like you were using a real pen
  • Electronic pulses provide power to the tip for increased accuracy: Just click the on/off button before and after use
  • Requires less screen pressure and greater accuracy than standard styluses
  • Built in battery provides 12 hours of active use and recharges by Micro USB cable (included)
  • Solid brushed aluminum barrel construction
  • Includes 5 replacement tips to provide years of heavy use
  • Available in Matte Silver and Matte Black colorHandy aluminum clip for shirt pockets
  • Material: Aluminum

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