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DuoCharge DuraCable

DuoCharge DuraCable



Keeping the right cable to charge each of your devices can be a pain, especially if there are both Android and iOS devices in the family. In the past you'd potentially need a different cable and charger for each device - but not anymore! Introducing the DuoCharge DuraCable, a unique 2-in-1 cable with both a micro USB and a Lightning connector, which can charge and sync Apple AND Android devices.

On one end is a standard USB cable that can be used with any USB port/charger; at the other end is both a micro USB and Lightning Cable plug. The 3 foot cable length conveniently allows you to keep using your device while you charge it up, and its durable, braided nylon construction keeps the cable well insulated and provides protection from kinks and splitting.

The DuoCharge DuraCable: One cable for charging the whole family's devices.


  • Two pronged Micro USB and Lightning cable heads allow you to charge Apple and Android devices at the same time with a single cable
  • Standard USB 2.0 connector for easy syncing connectivity and charging compatibility
  • Durable braided nylon construction prevents kinking and splitting
  • 3 foot cable, available in Space Gray, Champagne Gold and Cosmo Pink

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