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FAQ - Batteries

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How do I find a battery for my device?

Here is the link to our ElectraSpan Extended Batteries EasyFinder page:
Here is the link to our Standard Capacity Batteries EasyFinder page:

Do I need a different battery backing plate for the ElectraSpan Extended Battery?

Most ElectraSpan Extended Battery models are physically larger than the regular capacity battery, therefore requiring an alternative backing plate to be held onto the device. The alternative backing plate usually comes with the purchase of an ElectraSpan Extended Battery. The backing plate is shown on the battery’s product page if it is included.

I lost my ElectraSpan Extended Battery backing plate, where can I get a replacement?

Yes, you may order a replacement battery backing plate for your ElectraSpan Extended Battery via our ElectraSpan Extended Battery Cover product page.

If a replacement ElectraSpan Extended Battery cover is not currently offered for your device or battery, please send your request including your original order number to customer service so we may further assist you.

What type of batteries can I use with my Battery Adapter?

Any type of AA batteries will work in the Battery Adapters, but alkalines provide the fastest charge and longest sustaining power.