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FAQ - Stylus

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    What is a Styra?

    Have you ever experienced times when you needed a pen and wished you had one handy? The Styra is designed to fit in your handheld's built-in stylus holder, so you'll always have a pen prepared and never have to worry about forgetting one! For some models, the Styra also includes an important reset tool that is especially useful for those times when your device needs to be reset.

    Durable and custom molded to each handheld, Styra is a stylus that provides you with additional conveniences that are essential for the real world. Get more usability from your handheld with Styra, the stylus upgrade!

    What’s the difference between a Styra and a regular Replacement Stylus?

    The Styra combines a stylus tip and a ballpoint pen on the other end. Some models even come with a reset tool.

    The Replacement Stylus is simply an inexpensive replacement solution to your OEM stylus (the stylus that comes with your device purchase).

    I can’t remove the Styra pen cap for the ballpoint pen. Help?

    First time taking off the pen cap for your Styra ballpoint pen can be tricky. Instead of screwing the cap off, try pulling it straight out. If the cap is too tight to pull off by hand, try using a pair of pliers.

    Where is the reset tool on my Styra?

    Depending on the model of Styra you have, the location of the reset tool may vary. Please see the packaging of your Styra as well as the product page for that particular model for more information. There are generally two ways to access the reset tool for your Styra:

    1. You should be able to screw the stylus tip off for the reset tool to be revealed.
    2. If the stylus tip is small enough to fit in the reset point, there would be no separate reset tool on that model of Styra.

    Does the OmniPen Pro work for my device?

    The OmniPen Pro includes a generic stylus tip that works on most touch screens. However, the OmniPen Pro is a regular size pen that does NOT fit into your built-in stylus holder.

    Certain types of touch screens are found to be incompatible with the generic stylus tip such as the Apple iPhone. Please verify the compatibility of your touch screen and the OmniPen Pro stylus tip before placing an order.

    Where do I order ballpoint pen ink refills for my Styra or OmniPen Pro?

    Here is a link to the Styra - Ballpoint Pen Refill Easy Finder:

    Here is a link to the OmniPen Pro Refills Easy Finder:

    How do I install new ink refills for my Styra?

    To change the refill for the Styra, first screw off the black reset pin, then push in the tip of the ballpoint pen, and the refill should slide off from the Styra and you will be able to change to a new one.

    How do I install new ink refills for my OmniPen Pro?

    To install the OmniPen Pro refills, just screw the pen tip end of the OmniPen Pro off, and it should reveal the stylus tip and the ballpoint pen tip. You should then be able to pull the ballpoint pen tip off and insert the refill back to the white plastic slot.