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DuoSuit - Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7.0 (2013) Case

Kindle Fire HD 7.0 (2013) DuoSuit



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The DuoSuit is a form fitting Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) case for your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7.0 (2013). The dual matte and glossy surfaces come together in an "S" design across the back of the case.

DuoSuit's purposeful "S" design stands for its:

Slim profile
The DuoSuit's ultra slim, form fitting design fits perfectly, providing real protection without adding bulk.

Surprising Strength
The durable construction of your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7.0 (2013) deserves a case with strength to match. The DuoSuit's TPU construction provides an optimum blend of high strength, elasticity, and resistance to scratches.

No-Slip Style
Anti-slip grips on both sides of the DuoSuit hug your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7.0 (2013) to prevent accidental drops.

The DuoSuit is smartly constructed around your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7.0 (2013)'s features and display, without detracting from the phone's handsome design.

The DuoSuit: Surround yourself with Style.


  • Ultra slim, rubberized case perfectly fits your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7.0 (2013) while adding scratch and bump protection
  • Back of the case has a dual matte and glossy splash design which increases gripability
  • Conveniently designed to provide quick access to all of Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7.0 (2013)'s touch controls, features, and ports
  • Front raised edges recess your screen to protect it when placed face down
  • Washable and tear-resistant
  • Compatibility: Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7.0 (2013)
  • Material: TPU