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Kindle Reading Light - Amazon Kindle Touch 3G

Kindle Touch 3G Kindle Reading Light


BoxWave's Kindle Reading Light easily clips right onto your Amazon Kindle Touch 3G or favorite book for added light you have been wanting!  2 LED light bulbs shine a bright and even light that is adjustable in brightness.  Adjust the gooseneck to whatever position you desire for maximum readability and zero reflection and glare.  The clip also has an inner padding so that it will not scratch your Amazon Kindle Touch 3G.


  • 2 LED lights for bright yet comfortable reading light with no hot spots
  • Press once to turn on one light, press twice for both lights, press thrice to turn off
  • Flexible gooseneck to adjust position of the light for eliminate reflection or glare
  • Strong wide-mouth clip can be attached to the Amazon Kindle Touch 3G, a favorite book, or can be used free-standing
  • Clip has inner padding so it will not scratch your Amazon Kindle Touch 3G
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Uses 3 replaceable AAA batteries
  • Kindle Reading Light does not include chargeable internal battery
  • Compatibility: Amazon Kindle Touch 3G
  • Material: Polycarbonate