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AmbientMist USB Humidifier

AmbientMist USB Humidifier



Imagine starting, ending, or even taking a refreshing break from each day with your own personal humidifier. Simply soak the water absorption core in purified water then connect to a USB power source like a computer or a laptop for quick and easy use. Humidifiers have been one of the leading treatments of dryness of the skin, allergies, or other respiratory issues. Furthermore they are extremely refreshing and with such portable and convenient use you can decide when and where that will happen!!The AmbientMist USB Humidifier from BoxWave - a fresh and relaxing way to fight allergies and seek out comfort!


  • USB Powered and Portable Design - Perfect Office, Desk, and Travel Companion
  • Hours of Mist with an Elegant Flower Design to Enhance Your Surroundings.
  • Can Provide Relief to Allergies as well as Cold and Flu Symptoms with added moisture in the air.
  • Use Cold Water on a Hot Day for a Refreshing, Relaxing Change.
  • Material: Polycarbonate