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ManUp Stand - Apple iPhone 5 Stand and Mount

iPhone 5 ManUp Stand



Sometimes, you want to watch a video or video chat on your smartphone but have nothing to lean it on and don't want to hold it up. Well, it's time to let someone else do the heavy lifting for you and the ManUp Stand is perfect for the job!

This tiny, ultra portable, ultra adorable stand uses a powerful suction cup to cling to your device and prop it up at the perfect angle so you can watch your videos in peace. Available in Black, White, Orange, Blue, and Yellow, add one or a few of these fun, inexpensive little guys to your repertoire for handy hands free video viewing anytime!

The ManUp Stand: Like having a personal assistant in your pocket!


  • Flexible, yet durable TPU construction
  • Universal suction cup works with most smartphones
  • Inexpensive, fun hands free option
  • Suction cup can be moved on device making a variety of viewing angles possible
  • Available in Black, White, Orange, Blue, and Yellow
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 5
  • Material: Silicone