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Mini DisplayPort to DVI Cable - Apple MacBook Air 13" (2010) Cable

MacBook Air 13" (2010) Mini DisplayPort to DVI Cable



Ready. Set. Accessory

Our Ready. Set. Accessories deliver instant functionality right out of the package. Accessory line products are designed to make your life easier, more compatible, and less expensive.

The mini DisplayPort to DVI Cable from BoxWave helps to turn your mini DisplayPort device into a big-screen workstation, home theatre PC, etc. Now you can stream full 1080p digital HD content through your HD-TV, PC, external monitor, and other DVI input devices.

With our DVI Cable you will have instant access to:

Create a Big-Screen Workstation:

Hook your Mini-DisplayPort device up to a big screen external monitor for a more pleasant and efficient work experience.

Watch Video:

Instantly stream content from sources like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu+. The video streams in the same native resolution as on your device (if it's HD on your device, it will be HD on your TV or monitor).

Play Games on the Big Screen:

Blow up the playing field. Grab a wireless keyboard and mouse and enjoy a big screen gaming experience.

Easily Show-Off Photos:

No more complicated cables. With the mini DisplayPort to DVI Cable, your photos are easily displayed on your HD-TV or external monitor in their original high-resolution quality. No pixel loss. No blur.

The mini DisplayPort to DVI Cable from BoxWave: One Connection. Endless Options.


  • Features male mini DisplayPort and female DVI connections
  • Project your devices display on HD-TV's, external monitors, projectors, and more
  • Supports 1080p DVI resolution
  • High quality, snug-fitting, connections
  • Available in Classy White Finish
  • Length: 5.83 ft. (1.8 meters or 70 in)
  • Compatibility: Apple MacBook Air 13" (2010)
  • Material: Polyurethane