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Camouflage SlipSuit - Amazon Kindle Touch Case

Camouflage Kindle Touch SlipSuit



Constructed from a durable neoprene material, the Camouflage SlipSuit is a padded carrying case for your Amazon Kindle Touch. Holding your Amazon Kindle Touch securely in place when not in use, simply pull the tabs outwards to stretch the elastic opening of the case to remove your Amazon Kindle Touch. Designed with a hip camouflage pattern, the Camouflage SlipSuit is a fun protective carrying case for your Amazon Kindle Touch.  


  • Slim and simple design
  • Protects your Amazon Kindle Touch with soft cushioning
  • Elastic opening design prevents your Amazon Kindle Touch from slipping out
  • Convenient stretch tabs
  • Versatile reversible design allows you to choose between solid black color or camouflage print
  • Unique camouflage pattern design
  • Compatibility: Amazon Kindle Touch
  • Material: Fabric