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ClearTouch SmartButtons - Apple iPhone 6s Screen Protector

ClearTouch iPhone 6s SmartButtons



If you are ready to bring screen protection to the next level, you will love the ClearTouch SmartButtons!

Use Your Device with Greater Ease
ClearTouch SmartButtons' touch sense technology adds invisible return and confirm buttons either side of the Apple iPhone 6s's home button, making it easy to operate your device with one hand or on the move. These buttons use built-in, invisible circuitry to connect the space between the bottom left of your screen and the top left (the usual on-screen placement of the back button), and the bottom right and top right of the screen (the usual on-screen placement of the confirm button). Simply apply touch to the bottom left and right of your screen to operate the buttons above!

No Additional Drivers or Apps Needed
Everything you need to use the ClearTouch SmartButtons is contained within the screen itself. There is no need to install any additional software on your device.

9H Hardness Rating
With a hardness rating of 9H, the ClearTouch SmartButtons is among the strongest tempered glass screen protectors available for the Apple iPhone 6s. The anti-shatter screen protects your device from bumps, scratches, dust and absorbs shock, for your peace of mind.

Clean and Simple Installation
Since it doesn't rely on adhesives or wet wipes, the ClearTouch SmartButtons dry installs in just a few seconds, 100% bubble free! The polished, rounded edges won't lift like other screen protectors on the market, ensuring seamless protection 24/7.

Anti-Fingerprint Technology
A sophisticated, water-resistant outer coating makes the SmartButtons totally oleophobic, repelling water droplets, fingerprints and oils that cause distracting, unsightly smudges on your touchscreen.

ClearTouch SmartButtons: The next generation of screen protector.


  • USE YOUR DEVICE WITH GREATER EASE: ClearTouch SmartButtons' invisible touch SmartButtons technology adds return and confirm buttons on to your Apple iPhone 6s, making it easy to operate your device with one hand or on the move.
  • 9H HARDNESS FOR ULTIMATE PROTECTION: The strongest rating for tempered glass provides shock absorption and protection against scratches and drops.
  • EASY, BUBBLE FREE INSTALLATION: No messy adhesives or wet wipes, the ClearTouch SmartButtons dry installs completely bubble-free in just seconds.
  • NO MORE SMUDGES OR FINGERPRINTS: An oleophobic surface repels water and oil, maintaining the high resolution of your device screen. Say goodbye to fingerprints and smudges for good.
  • FULL SCREEN PROTECTION: With polished, precisely machined edges, the ClearTouch SmartButtons covers 100% of your devices screen, ensuring gap-free, full coverage protection.
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 6s
  • Material: Tempered Glass