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SmartyLens - Top Mount - Apple iPhone 5 Smart Gadget

iPhone 5 SmartyLens - Top Mount



The cameras on the latest devices are pretty amazing and oh so handy since they're always around. The one drawback is that you're stuck with the built-in lens at times that it would be so nice to have a wide angle or fisheye lens on hand. Well now you can catch that skateboard trick, record a scene in a small space, or capture a whole landscape on a moments notice with the ultra portable Smarty Lens - Top Mount!

Built to fit perfectly on top of your Apple iPhone 5, the Smarty Lens -Top Mount features both wide angle and fisheye lenses that are easy to switch between. Simply slide the Smarty Lens off the top, flip it around and put it back on! Built out of durable ABS plastic with included lens caps, the Smarty Lens - Top Mount is tough enough to go with you anywhere and comes with a handy carrying pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth.

The Smarty Lens - Top Mount from BoxWave: Capture life from every angle.


  • Fits securely on top of your Apple iPhone 5
  • Easily switches from wide angle to fisheye in seconds
  • Both lenses include lens caps
  • Includes carrying pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth.
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 5
  • Material: Polycarbonate