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Fairway Kindle Fire Case

Fairway Kindle Fire Case



Formally adopted in 1930, the current golf ball design, featuring small round "dimples," superseded designs featuring goose feathers and tree gum. These designs became obsolete because of their short lifespan and aversion to foul weather.

Besides advanced protection from the elements, the dimple design reduces drag, which helps the golf ball to go farther and to take a more accurate route in the process.

The Fairway Case uses that same dimple design for the benefit of your Amazon Kindle Fire.

Go Farther. Last Longer.

Pixelated dots line the back cover to act as easy-grip finger holds for portrait or landscape viewing. The case also wraps around your device to create a front raised bumper edge to protect your screen when placed face down.

The ultra slim, form-fitting design fits like a trusted golf glove rather than a bulky winter coat: real protection without sacrificing functionality and range of motion.

This perfectly tailored design means your device's speakers, power button, headphone jack, and charging port all remain uncovered and unhindered.

More than a pretty face, the Fairway Case is constructed using Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), one of the industry's gold standard materials, to give you:
  • Strong resistance to oil, grease, and fingerprints
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • High strength and elasticity
For even additional device security, combine the Fairway Case with one of our ClearTouch screen protectors for complete 360-degree protection.

The Fairway Case for Amazon Kindle Fire: Driven to Succeed.


  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Construction (TPU)
  • Form-fitting, anti-slip design
  • Cut-outs for your speakers, power button, headphone jack, and charging port
  • Raised bumper front edge for screen protection
  • Indented dimples provide extra-grip handholds
  • Available in Azure Blue, Frosted Clear, Poetic Purple, Scarlet Red, Smoke Grey, and Winter White color
  • Use with one of our ClearTouch screen protectors for complete 360-degree protection
  • Compatibility: Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Material: TPU