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Folio-View Case - Amazon Kindle Fire Case

Folio-View Kindle Fire Case



Give your Amazon Kindle Fire the support and structure it deserves. Slip it into the frame of the Folio-View Case for safety, and also as a representation of the future you two will share together; a future full of great memories and times worth cherishing.

Don't let those future memories be tarnished by an accidental water spill or an unprotected drop. Let the Folio-View Case be your source of strength and protection, ensuring many wondering memories to come.

The Folio-View Case has specifically designed cutouts, ensuring access to your speakers, power button, and headphone jack all remains uncovered.

Once stored inside the frame, a durable leather flap tucks over to Velcro shut, holding your Amazon Kindle Fire securely in place. The Folio's cover then folds across the screen where a built-in elastic strap keeps it from popping open unexpectedly.

Preformed grooves in the cover create a 3-angle viewing stand. Fold the cover behind the case and use the second elastic strap to create a fourth viewing angle. All that's left to do then is sit back and watch as the Folio-View Case surrounds your Amazon Kindle Fire to display a sharp and attractive image.

The Folio-View Case for Amazon Kindle Fire: Proud to Display


  • Synthetic leather case accented with wood grain texture lines
  • Soft gray felt interior
  • Frame to hold Amazon Kindle Fire (w/ Velcro closure)
  • Ultra flexible cover
  • 3 angle viewing stand
  • Two elastic straps: One to hold cover closed and one to prop as a fourth viewing angle
  • Cutouts for your Amazon Kindle Fire's speakers, power button, headphone jack, and charging port
  • Available in Rhino Grey color
  • Compatibility: Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Material: Synthetic Leather