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GoCharger USB C

GoCharger USB C



The GoCharger Bundle - USB C is exactly what you need when you're out catching Pokemon and burning your incense. Featuring a USB C cable, long lasting 2600 mAh battery and a super efficient LED flashlight, you'll be able to safely roam the tall grass even (and especially) at night!

Built with sturdy aluminum construction, the GoCharger Bundle - USB C can give you at least a couple of extra hours of game play and if operating as a flashlight alone it can be used for days at a time.

Easily charge the internal battery from any USB charger or computer using the included cable. When your device or other small USB chargeable device is ready for a jolt of power, just plug into the USB outlet and it will automatically start charging.

The GoCharger Bundle - USB C from BoxWave- Because your Pokemon aren't the only things that need to recharge.

The GoCharger Bundle - USB C is compatible with these popular devices (and many more!)
HTC 10
Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL
Nexus 6P
OnePlus 3.


  • Keep your device powered on while you are out and about
  • Charge your device without disrupting play
  • Pack includes 2,600mAh backup battery pack with built in flashlight and 6ft USB C charging cable
  • Lightweight and portable