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HandyStrap Apple iPhone XS Case

HandyStrap Apple iPhone XS Case



The HandyStrap Case is a slim form-fitted case for your Apple iPhone XS that features a handy strap that lets you securely hold your device. Just slip your finger through the strap and never drop your phone again!

The HandyStrap Case is constructed of 2 layers, featuring a soft-rip-resistant TPU sleeve that perfectly hugs your Apple iPhone XS, and a hard polycarbonate exoskeleton backing that gives you extra protection. The hybrid construction provides a solid structure and support. In addition, the hard shell is finished with our special SoftTouch texture for a smooth feel.

The Strap securely fits your finger, and helps you to securely hold your device without fear of dropping it!

Device specific cutouts ensure you still have full access to your Apple iPhone XS's features.


  • SECURITY STRAP: Never drop your phone again by inserting a finger into the security strap in the back of the case. It allows for comfortable one-hand operation. Securely handle your device without fear of dropping it. That is priceless!
  • TWO-LAYER HYBRID PROTECTION: Constructed by a hybrid of two materials - a soft and form-fitting TPU sleeve that hugs your device, bonded with a Hard plastic exoskeleton to provide the ultimate balance between comfort and protection.
  • SLIM AND FORM-FITTING DESIGN: The Slim design provides you with the original feel of your phone, without adding a lot of bulk.
  • SOFTTOUCH TEXTURE: The HandyStrap Case is finished with our SoftTouch Texture for a smooth and comfortable feel.
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone XS
  • Material: Polycarbonate