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Dock - HTC Desire Eye Stand and Mount

HTC Desire Eye Dock


Free Shipping in US

BoxWave's Dock is a syncing and charging cradle specifically created for your HTC Desire Eye with a modern, sleek design.  

It comes with everything you need to synchronize and charge your HTC Desire Eye to your computer, including a spare battery charger!  Also includes an A/C adapter cable for quicker charging time!  

Perfect for home, office, or frequent secondary locations.


  • Synchronizes and charges your HTC Desire Eye
  • Supports Hi-Speed USB 2.0 data transfers
  • Includes a USB cable that synchronizes and charges your HTC Desire Eye without an A/C adapter
  • Comes with spare battery charger
  • Available in Jet Black color
  • Compatibility: HTC Desire Eye
  • Material: Polycarbonate