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Winter White Leather Smart VersaView Case - Apple iPad 3 Case

iPad 3 Winter White Leather Smart VersaView Case


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Exactly Designed for Apple's new iPad

The BoxWave VersaView Case is a case made specifically for the new iPad. The slightly thicker design, raised bumper edges, and embedded back cover magnets hold the new iPad snugly in place, eliminating wiggle room and slippage.

The VersaView Case was made for those of us seeking a professional and contemporary design. The combination of synthetic leather and hard plastic edges creates an attractive and distinct, two-material, blended look.

What Magnet Problem?

Not lacking in function, both the front and back covers of the VersaView Case contain built-in magnets which secure it shut, and at the same time activate the sleep and wake features of the new iPad. The embedded back cover magnets are especially useful for holding the back of the new iPad firmly in place. Once tucked inside, the soft suede interior of the VersaView Case protects your screen from accidental scratches and marks, ensuring safe travels.

A Stable and Secure Viewing Stand

And for real entertainment value, use the flex feature of the VersaView Case to prop your new iPad up using the viewing stand groove, putting the stunning Retina display front and center where it belongs.

Loaded with features and high on design, BoxWave's VersaView Case: Best in Class.


  • Crafted from a combination of durable synthetic leather and hard plastic edges creating an attractive two-material, blended lookSlim, form-fitting case designed to perfectly fit your Apple iPad 3
  • Hard plastic shell edge locks in your new iPad, eliminating wiggle room
  • Soft suede interior protects from screen scratches
  • Back of case features built-in magnets that hold your new iPad securely in place
  • Magnets hold the front cover closed, as well as activate the sleep and wake features of your new iPad
  • Case flexes to create a viewing stand for your new iPad
  • Lightweight, durable design protects without adding bulk
  • Unrestricted access to all your buttons, controls, and charging port
  • Compatibility: Apple iPad 3
  • Material: Synthetic Leather