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iPhone 4 PhonoBoost

iPhone 4 PhonoBoost



The PhonoBoost is a sturdy portrait facing holder, that also acts as an amplifier for the speakers on your Apple iPhone 4. Our tests showed a significant and noticeable increase in sound output.

Here's how it works:

The PhonoBoost directs the sound from your Apple iPhone 4's speakers through a small hole towards the bottom of the stand, and then around the back and out through the gradually expanding Phonograph trumpet.

The result is a highly directed and concentrated sound that cuts through normal background noise in a room to deliver clear and powerful volume output.

The PhonoBoost eliminates the need for expensive speaker docks and enhances the music playing abilities of your Apple iPhone 4.

PhonoBoost: Expand your sound and extend your volume.


  • The Apple iPhone 4 fits securely into opening
  • Acts as stable stand for Apple iPhone 4
  • Sound from device is directed through amplifying tube
  • The concentration of sound significantly increases volume output
  • Available in Jet Black, Lime Green, Scarlet Red, Sky Blue, and Winter White color
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4
  • Material: Silicone