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Kid Grip iPad 2 Case

Kid Grip iPad 2 Case


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In this day and age, children are able to instinctively understand the touch and swipe action of navigating tablets and smart phones, which is great! Letting the kids use your Apple iPad 2 for games and movies is a convenient way to keep them entertained and learning. The only problem is that these devices weren't designed to be kid proof.

Enter the Kid Grip Case. Designed with maximum grip, protection, and kid friendly bumper handles, this thing can take it all!

Don't worry about losing functionality, as the Kid Grip Case has easily accessible cutouts for all the features, buttons, and ports of your Apple iPad 2. Kid Grip Case is built to precisely and securely fit your device, you can feel confident handing over your Apple iPad 2 to the kids anytime.

BoxWave's Kid Grip Case: Safely turn your Apple iPad 2 into a toy.


  • Smooth, cushiony rubberized sleeve designed to perfectly fit your Apple iPad 2
  • Kid friendly case for safe viewing and easy holding
  • Features soft yet springy bumper handles to provide ultra protection for accidental drops
  • Anti-slip properties gives your Apple iPad 2 maximum grip
  • Conveniently designed to provide quick access to all of Apple iPad 2's touch controls, features, and ports
  • Durable and protects your Apple iPad 2 from scratches and bumps
  • Washable and tear-resistant
  • Available in Jet Black and Sky Blue color
  • Compatibility: Apple iPad 2
  • Material: Silicone