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Midnight Tiger Suit - Apple iPad 3 Case

Midnight Tiger iPad 3 Suit


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In the 1940's the Abstract Expressionism art movement began gaining momentum, especially with a crowd of New York artists. This new method of painting delighted in the use of layers of colors, busyness on the canvas, and extreme emotion. And while stimulating, this form of art spurred a backlash response.

It was out of this response that the Minimalist movement of the 1960's was born. The opposite of extra color and extra design, the Minimalist design favors beauty through simplicity.

Created in respect to both of these historically significant movements, we took the liberty of coating a Minimalist-style pouch in Abstract Expressionism design. Step into the BoxWave gallery, and admire our MyArt, Photo Glam, and Midnight Tiger Suits.

Gentle to the touch (screen) and easy on the eyes, the Midnight Tiger Suit is perfected simplicity. The slim fitting pouch snugly holds your device and reinforced stitching around the seams ensures continued support.

The ultra flexible and durable neoprene pouch withstands rips and provides padding for unexpected drops.

The Midnight Tiger Suit features a standout ribbed pattern creating a vibrant, monotone-tiger type design.

An extra-strength metal double zipper securely closes the Midnight Tiger Suit, completely enclosing your device in artistic bliss.

The Midnight Tiger Suit for the Apple iPad 3: Beauty in Simplicity. Complex in Design.


  • An ultra flexible and durable neoprene pouch
  • Slim profile reduces bulk
  • Reinforced stitching around edges
  • Heavy-duty double metal zippers
  • Artistic Design featuring a monotone-tiger ribbed pattern
  • Exact sized for your Apple iPad 3
  • Compatibility: Apple iPad 3
  • Material: Fabric