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MultiCharge BlackBerry Bold 9000 Dock - 4-Port

MultiCharge BlackBerry Bold 9000 Dock - 4-Port



Looking for a convenient tech solution for charging multiple devices? Look no further than the MultiCharger Dock - 4-Port from BoxWave! This easy-to-use charger plugs directly into a wall outlet to provide 10 external USB slots ready to charge your devices.

The MultiCharger Dock - 4-Port from BoxWave: the only charger you will ever need.


  • 4-port USB external slots activated upon plugging other end of device into a traditional power outlet
  • Simultaneously charge up to 4 devices!
  • Input : 100-240V; Output : 5.0V
  • Internal step up and step down transformers
  • Quick and effective charge to get you back on the go
  • Compatibility: BlackBerry Bold 9000
  • Material: Polycarbonate