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MyLucky Charm

MyLucky Charm



MyLucky Charm

If you're looking to express yourself with your device beyond just afancy case, then the MyLucky Charm is the perfect accessory for you.This customizable charm set features all the letters of the alphabetand other popular symbols such as smileys and hearts in multiplebright, fun colors. Simply attach each letter or symbol to the onebefore it to create a different custom charm everyday!

Use the included 3.5 mm adapter to attach the charm to your device'sheadphone jack and let your personal message proudly hang for all yourfriends to see. Or you can use the included key ring to attach yourcharm to just about anything!


  • MyLucky Charm: Express yourself with some customizable bling for your device.
  • Multiple charm pieces for every letter of the Alphabet, plus symbols
  • Multiple fun, bright colors
  • 3.5 mm Headphone Jack adapter or keychain adapter
  • Reuse and rearrange charm as much as you want
  • Material: Polycarbonate