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Nouveau Book Stand Case - Amazon Kindle Fire Case

Nouveau Book Stand Kindle Fire Case



Use the Nouveau Book Stand Case to proudly display your Amazon Kindle Fire. As one of the newest and most innovative of devices, the Amazon Kindle Fire pairs well with the innovative design of the Nouveau Book Stand Case.

A reinforced fabric exterior, lined with soft felt, folds over to protect your device, front to back. Secure the cover shut with the extra wide elastic strap.

But a device like the Amazon Kindle Fire isn't meant to be kept hidden, it's meant to be proudly displayed. This is where the innovation of the Nouveau Book Stand Case really comes into play.

Open the Nouveau Case to discover a two angle viewing stand built right into the front cover. While displayed, your Amazon Kindle Fire is held safely in place by a unique interior frame design featuring reinforced bottom corner brackets and top corner elastic straps for an extra snug-fit.

The Nouveau Book Stand Case for the Amazon Kindle Fire: A Match of Innovation


  • Reinforced fabric exterior
  • Interior felt lining
  • Extra wide elastic strap holds case closed
  • Unique interior frame design uses reinforced bottom corner brackets and top corner elastic straps for extra snug fit
  • Case folds down into two-angle viewing stand
  • Available in Ash Grey
  • Compatibility: Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Material: Synthetic Leather