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Pocketbook Case - Amazon Kindle Fire Case

Pocketbook Kindle Fire Case



Carry your Amazon Kindle Fire in the style and safety it deserves. Slip it into the frame of the Pocketbook Case as a proud display of both your fashion sense and practicality.

Once stored inside the frame, a durable leather flap tucks over to Velcro shut, holding your Amazon Kindle Fire securely in place. The Pocketbook Case's cover then folds across the screen where built-in magnets keep it from popping open unexpectedly. Safely inside now, the detachable wristlet strap is a secure carrying option.

Once at your destination, preformed grooves in the cover create a 2-angle viewing stand. All that's left to do then is sit back and watch as the Pocketbook Case surrounds your Amazon Kindle Fire to display a sharp and attractive image.

The Pocketbook Case has specifically designed cutouts, ensuring access to your speakers, power button, and headphone jack all remains uncovered.

Let the Pocketbook Case be your source of strength and protection, ensuring a future free of accidental water damage and unprotected drops.

The Pocketbook Case for Amazon Kindle Fire: Proud to Display



  • Easy-Grip Synthetic leather outer case
  • Detachable Wristlet
  • Soft felt lining
  • 2 viewing angles
  • Magnetic cover
  • Velcro closure holds device securely in frame
  • Cutouts for your Amazon Kindle Fire's speakers, power button, and headphone jack
  • Available in Vintage Orange
  • Compatibility: Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Material: Synthetic Leather