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QuickDock for Apple Watch

QuickDock for Apple Watch



BoxWave's QuickDock for Apple Watch is a weighted cradle specifically created for your Apple watcg with a modern, sleek design. Use this dock to hold your watch steady while it charges, using the convenient built in cable cutout

The stainless steel dock has a soft bottom and inner lining, so it will not cause damage to your device or the table below it. The weighted bottom means your device will stay firmly put while it is plugged into its power source.

Perfect for charging anywhere, this tiny dock is your ideal Apple watch charging companion.


  • Compact design
  • Weighed bottom provides secure resting place for your Apple watch
  • Fubber foot prevends sliding or damage to the surface it rests on
  • Soft inner prevents damage to your device
  • Brushed aluminum construction is both modern and sophisticated