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Quorky Pouch - Apple iPad 2 Case

Quorky iPad 2 Pouch



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The Quorky Pouch (pronounced kwor-kee) makes use of one of the most environmentally friendly renewable resources available to us today, cork.

Cork is harvested using bark tissue from trees indigenous to the Mediterranean region.  Farmers harvest the single layer of exterior bark, leaving the tree trunk and interior bark intact and able to regrow all that was taken.  A single Cork Oak tree can be harvested from every 8-14 years of its 200-year life.

Thanks to a natural, waxy substance found in cork, called Suberin, cork's physical properties make it a useful material in many formats.

  • Cork is lightweight, yet durable
  • Rot & fire resistant
  • Impermeable to gas and liquid.
The Quorky Pouch makes use of those properties in the best way possible, giving you a lightweight, side strap closing case that repels water, stains, dust, dirt, and grease.

Our Quorky Pouch is then finished with a soft interior fabric lining and reinforcing black stitching to ensure comfort and durability.


  • Eco-friendly cork exterior
  • Slim and form-fitting, designed to perfectly fit your Apple iPad 2
  • Lightweight, and durable design protects from scratches and bumps without adding bulk
  • Belt and loop design securely holds your Apple iPad 2 in place
  • Inside is lightly padded and lined with soft fabric
  • Compatibility: Apple iPad 2
  • Material: Cork