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Replacement S Pen (2-Pack) - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Stylus Pen

Replacement Galaxy Note 2 S Pen



The BoxWave Replacement S Pen compliments your Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Small and lightweight, the BoxWave Replacement S Pen is nimble and highly precise, giving you complete control over your device. Designed with luxury in mind, the BoxWave replacement S Pen feels like a high-end writing instrument to hold, but with cutting edge technical functionality.Use your BoxWave replacement S Pen for fast and accurate note taking, and forget about cumbersome on screen keyboards once and for all. Draw, edit and perform touch commands like a pro by using the Replacement S Pen's multi-function button with shortcut gestures.


  • Replacement S Pen with button for gesture control helps increase note taking efficiency
  • Smudge-resistant, silicone tip means you keep your phone clean
  • Super precise tip makes note taking, detailed drawing and editing a breeze
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Material: Aluminum