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RocketPack Case - Apple iPhone 6s Battery

RocketPack iPhone 6s Case


Free Shipping in US

Ask yourself this question, the answer might surprise you.

What feature of your device do you rely on the most? Phone? Text Messaging? Camera? Internet?

Nope! It's the battery! Having a charge in the battery is the one thing that all of those other features rely on the most. That's where the RocketPack Case comes in.

Designed to perfectly accentuate the style of your Apple iPhone 6s this case will keep you in the game from dawn till dusk with time to spare.

Rechargeable by micro-USB cable, the long-lasting 2200mAh battery this case utilizes offers insane battery life while simultaneously protecting your device from accidental impact and abrasion! Simply expand out the top of the case to insert your Apple iPhone 6s in and out of the charging port, securing the Apple iPhone 6s in place.

The RocketPack Case features an integrated kickstand for hands free landscape viewing. Other features include device specific cutouts that allow access to all the important buttons and functions.

Don't get caught in the dark. The RocketPack Case: Lightning in a bottle.


  • Long-lasting charge duration
  • 2200mAh charging battery capacity
  • Integrated kickstand supports hands free landscape viewing
  • Battery case can be rechargeable by a microUSB cable
  • Available colors: Jet Black and Winter White
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 6s
  • Material: Polycarbonate