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RocketPack Duo Case - Apple iPhone 6s Case

RocketPack iPhone 6s Duo Case


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The RocketPack Duo Case is a 3200mAh battery case for your Apple iPhone 6s. It packs a whopping 5V/ 1A max output allowing you to rapidly charge your device on the go. A single charge of the RocketPack Duo Case is enough for almost 2 complete charges of your Apple iPhone 6s.

Weighing only 3.7 oz, the RocketPack Duo Case is a slim and light weight charging solutions for your phone

Want to shed the battery pack when you know you are fully charged? The RocketPack Duo comes with a removable inner clear, hard shell case, which allowes you to continue protecting your phone, even if you don't wan't to bring the RocketPack Duo along.

The RocketPack Duo. Power on the Go.


  • Long-lasting charge duration for your Apple iPhone 6s
  • 3200mAh charging battery capacity, enough for almost 2 complete charges! Total max output 5V/ 1A
  • Integrated kickstand supports hands free landscape viewing
  • Battery case easily recharged with microUSB cable
  • Detachable inner hard shell, so you still have a case even at times you know you won't need your RocketPack Duo
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 6s
  • Material: Polycarbonate