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USB Expansion Adapter - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Cable

Galaxy Note 2 USB Expansion Adapter



As our smartphones become more and more like computers, we need more and more computer-like tools to support them. Have you ever wanted to use a wireless mouse with your smartphone? Or have you ever dreamed of easily expanding the storage space of your phone? The USB Expansion Adapter easily converts the micro-USB charging port of your phone into a powerful productivity hub.

Increase your phone's storage space

Plug in an external thumb drive for more storage space. Save photos, music, apps, onto this thumb drive and save your phone's internal memory from filling up.

Transfer files between phones and computers

Transferring files between phones and computers is now extremely simple. Just plug the USB Expansion Adapter into your phone, save the files onto your thumb drive, and then plug the Adapter into your computer.

Attach a Mouse or a Keyboard

Use the USB Expansion Adapter to plug in a wireless or wired mouse or keyboard. Use these tools then to navigate your phone quicker and more accurately. Type out your emails faster. Move around in your internet browser with ease.

The USB Expansion Adapter from BoxWave: Expand your Productivity

Ready. Set. Accessory

Our Ready. Set. Accessories deliver instant functionality right out of the package. Accessory line products are designed to make your life easier, more compatible, and less expensive.


  • Connects to the micro-USB port on your phone
  • Attach a thumbdrive for extra storage space
  • Easily transfer files between phones and computers
  • Attach a wireless or wired mouse or keyboard for ease of use
  • Uses USB 2.0 Technology
  • Consult your phone's manual for compatibility questions
  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Material: Polycarbonate