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Satin Pink Leather Book Jacket - Apple iPad 3 Case

Satin Pink Leather iPad 3 Book Jacket


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Clean and professional, BoxWave's Satin Pink Leather Book Jacket is a slim, animal-friendly synthetic leather case that is custom fitted for your Apple iPad 3.  This durable synthetic leather case protects and neatly stores your Apple iPad 3 every day, while giving it a timeless look.  

The Satin Pink Leather Book Jacket has molded corner and side tabs perfectly formed to securely hold your Apple iPad 3 in place.  For a snappy way to view or type, pop the Apple iPad 3 out of the bottom corners.  Then rest the loose end in any of the four pre-formed grooves.  This bend-and snap technique allows for a slimmer, more lightweight case design.  

The interior of the Satin Pink Leather Book Jacket is lined with a soft grey fabric to help protect your Apple iPad 3 from scratches.  Another molded tab on the cover of the case keeps the Satin Pink Leather Book Jacket securely closed when your Apple iPad 3 is not in use.  Truly a convenient case that is perfect for your Apple iPad 3!


  • Crafted from animal-friendly synthetic leather
  • Slim, form-fitting case designed to perfectly fit your Apple iPad 3
  • Unique molded tabs securely lock your Apple iPad 3 into place
  • Lightweight, durable design protects from scratches and bumps without adding bulk
  • Soft grey interior protects your Apple iPad 3 screen from scratches
  • Conveniently designed to provide quick access to all of Apple iPad 3's controls, features, and ports
  • Bend and snap option provides multiple viewing or typing angles
  • Secure molded tab closure when your Apple iPad 3 is not in use
  • Compatibility: Apple iPad 3
  • Material: Synthetic Leather