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Sleek ID Pouch - Apple iPhone 4S Case

Sleek iPhone 4S ID Pouch



No exchanges or returns on this item

If you are looking for a light way to travel, the Sleek ID Pouch is the answer.  Crafted from animal-friendly synthetic leather, the Sleek ID Pouch is the perfect way to carry your Apple iPhone 4S and a couple of essential cards, virtually eliminating the need for a wallet.  

The Sleek ID Pouch is lined with a soft, green suede to prevent your Apple iPhone 4S from scuffs and scratches.  The matching green detail stitching really pops against the black background, adding a fun, stylish look to the Sleek ID Pouch.  

The two outer pockets are conveniently designed to hold one to two standard sized cards, allowing you to take your license and credit card with you and leave the weight of a wallet or purse behind!  Your Apple iPhone 4S can slide in and out of the Sleek ID Pouch while your card(s) stay securely in place!


  • Soft, slip-in pouch designed to perfectly fit your Apple iPhone 4S
  • Made with animal-friendly synthetic leather
  • Suede interior helps prevent scuffs and scratches
  • Fun and stylish green detail stitching
  • Fits 1-2 standard sized credits cards in the 2 convenient card slots
  • Designed to allow easy access to your Apple iPhone 4S while holding your card(s) securely in place
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4S
  • Material: Synthetic Leather