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Smart Essentia Case - Apple iPad 4 Case

Smart Essentia iPad 4 Case



Never Leave Home Without the Essentials

The Smart Essentia Case from BoxWave covers all of the essentials needed in a case for your Apple iPad 4. Made of durable synthetic leather, the The Smart Essentia Case is tough enough to keep up with a busy schedule. Extra finishing touches such as the Apple iPad 4's cutouts, magnetic activation, and a viewing stand are must haves for every Apple iPad 4 owner.

Sleek & Stunning

The Smart Essentia Case protects without adding bulk. Although the cover is two-layer reinforced, it still sits slim against the screen, fitting easily into a bag, purse, or under the arm. The Apple iPad 4 snaps snugly into perfectly sized corner brackets, preventing excess case protrusions. The final effect is a sleek and stunning, low-profile covering for your Apple iPad 4.

Magnets Activate the Sleep & Wake Features of the Apple iPad 4

While some Apple iPad 4 cases struggle with magnet compatibility, the Smart Essentia Case was custom made exclusively for the Apple iPad 4, meaning perfect magnet execution. Built-in cover magnets hold the case securely closed and activate the sleep and wake functions of the Apple iPad 4.

Portable & Stable Viewing Stand

The brand new, high-definition, Retina display of your Apple iPad 4 demands a suitable viewing stand. It's essential really. Fold the front cover of yourSmart Essentia Case behind and tuck into the back flap to create a stable horizontal viewing stand that is proud to display your Apple iPad 4.

Smart Essentia Case from BoxWave: Never Leave Home Without it


  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Two-layer reinforced cover
  • Soft felt lining protects your screen
  • Secure magnetic closure holds case closed and activates the sleep/wake features of the Apple iPad 4
  • Cover folds into stable horizontal viewing stand
  • Hard plastic internal frame and corner brackets snap and hold the Apple iPad 4 in place
  • Speakers, power button, headphone jack, and controls all remain uncovered
  • Available in Nero Leather and Stealth Fiber
  • Compatibility: Apple iPad 4
  • Material: Synthetic Leather