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Stealth Fiber Pouch - Barnes & Noble NOOK HD+ Case

Stealth Fiber Barnes & Noble NOOK HD+ Pouch



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A variant on our popular SoftSuit case, the Stealth Fiber Pouch builds upon that design to give you added protection and security.  This padded case features two locking mechanisms!  The interior locking flap safely and securely keeps your Barnes & Noble NOOK HD+ in place.  It also prevents any abrasions caused by the secondary lock - the zipper.  The heavy duty zipper can be locked to prevent unwanted access to your Barnes & Noble NOOK HD+.  Be at ease with all the safety the Stealth Fiber Pouch has to offer in a futuristic patterned design.


  • Slim and simple design
  • Protects your device with soft cushioning
  • Interior flap lock prevents your Barnes & Noble NOOK HD+ from slipping out and zipper abrasions
  • Double zippered to lock your Barnes & Noble NOOK HD+
  • Zippers separated with lining to prevent it from getting stuck
  • Compatibility: Barnes & Noble NOOK HD+
  • Material: Fabric