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Stealth Fiber Book Jacket - Apple iPad 3 Case

Stealth Fiber iPad 3 Book Jacket



Our Stealth Fiber Book Jacket for the Apple iPad 3 is true style meets stealth, delivering on all three counts of the stealth checklist: protection, security, and the element of surprise.

Although you may not be conducting a covert mission or flying over enemy territory your Stealth Fiber Book Jacket's protective qualities will still serve you well. Slide your Apple iPad 3 in through the side clips and lock the top and bottom corners into place for a 6-point fit that won't slip.

In addition, you'll appreciate how the Stealth Fiber's security detail knows when to pull back. Design specific cutouts mean real protection without sacrificing functionality, allowing full access to your Apple iPad 3's camera, screen, and controls.

And for that added element of surprise, the Stealth Fiber Book Jacket doubles as a tablet stand, customizable with four different viewing angles. At this point, feel free to prepare an, "Ah-Ha!" to deliver in the presence of your friend's shocked faces. Because there's no way they saw that coming.

BoxWave's Stealth Fiber Book Jacket for the Apple iPad 3: Stealth meets Style.


  • Form-fitting case designed to perfectly fit your Apple iPad 3
  • Snap-on hard shell backing is strong and sturdy yet slim
  • Carbon fiber pattern that offers decorative protection for the back of your Apple iPad 3
  • Interior is lined with soft suede-like cloth that is gentle on your Apple iPad 3
  • Front cover is designed to fold into an integrated keyboard stand, allowing you to prop up your Apple iPad 3 for a comfortable typing angle
  • Open design on the sides of the case make all control keys fully accessible and convenient to use
  • Low-profile tab closure allows you to easily open the front cover while maintaining the sleek, low-profile design
  • Available in Jet Black color
  • Compatibility: Apple iPad 3
  • Material: Synthetic Leather