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True Bamboo Booklet Case - Apple iPhone 6s Case

True Bamboo Booklet iPhone 6s Case


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The bamboo plant grows in single stalks, called culms. An extremely fast growing plant, as much as 39'' in one day, each culm grows to full height and strength within 2 years. Between years 3-5, a fungus begins to grow along the outside of the stalk, eventually overtaking the bamboo and destroying it from the inside out sometime 5-7 years into its life.

Harvested, then, during years 2-4, the bamboo plant finds purpose as a food source, a building material, and as a raw product in things like textiles, paper, and musical instruments.

Enter the True Bamboo Booklet Case, a refined and responsible choice for your device.


  • Edge and interior treated with our SmoothTexture finish, making it soft to the touch
  • Beautiful bamboo wood backing
  • Cutout for camera/flash, top buttons, side volume control, charging port
  • Snap-fit attaches easily and securely
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone 6s
  • Material: Bamboo