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Wireless Charging Auto Mount - Unihertz Titan Car Charger

Unihertz Titan Wireless Charging Auto Mount


Free Shipping in US

With BoxWave's new Wireless Charging Auto Mount, you can easily charge your Unihertz Titan wirelessly while driving!

No more fumbling around with charging cables while trying to stay in your lane! Simply place your phone in the Wireless Charging Auto Mount, and watch the mechanical arms on the sides AUTOMATICALLY grip your Unihertz Titan into place! The arms will grip the phone safely and securely, so that you can focus your eyes where they belong on the road!

The versatile mounting system attaches to your air vent with an adjustable rubber padded pincher! The 180-DEGREE mount allows you to position the Wireless Charging Auto Mount in any angle you like, so that you can see your screen comfortably for navigation.

The Wireless Charging Auto Mount comes with a THREE FOOT USB cord that can plug in directly to your vehicle's USB port, or with any other USB car charger in the cigarette lighter.

BoxWave's Wireless Charging Auto Mount makes every car ride SAFER AND MORE ENJOYABLE with easy access to your Unihertz Titan for navigation.


  • [WIRELESS] The Wireless Charging Auto Mount wirelessly charges your Unihertz Titan with advanced Qi technology! Simply put your phone inside the Wireless Charging Auto Mount and charge it while you drive!
  • [ADJUSTABLE] The Wireless Charging Auto Mount rotates on a ball for the perfect viewing angle. Great for hands free driving while you view the navigation on your Unihertz Titan!
  • [FRUSTRATION FREE] No more fumbling around to get your Unihertz Titan into your car mount. Just place your phone into the Wireless Charging Auto Mount and the rubber padded side arms will hold your device in place. Your phone will fit with, or without a case.
  • [HIGH QUALITY] Made of premium brushed metallic materials with high quality internal gears and ratchets
  • [SIMPLICITY] The new Wireless Charging Auto Mount is an innovative design that will simplify your life! It just works!
  • Compatibility: Unihertz Titan
  • Material: Aluminum