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Vantage Tablet Mount Floor Stand - Gooseneck - Amazon Kindle Fire Stand and Mount

Vantage Kindle Fire Tablet Mount Floor Stand - Gooseneck


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The Vantage Tablet Mount Floor Stand - Gooseneck provides a hands free adjustable stand for your Amazon Kindle Fire with an easier and more comfortable viewing experience. Designed to fit an individual's needs, whether it be while standing, sitting, or relaxing in bed, this stand adjusts for optimal convenience.

The Vantage Tablet Mount Floor Stand - Gooseneck's innovative construction allows for a height adjustable floor mount ranging from 36 in to 48 in (3 ft to 4 ft). Providing a hands free option permits a more dexterous ability to type on and navigate on your Amazon Kindle Fire. You can rotate the enclosure on the floor mount into portrait or landscape orientation and tilt the sleek low profile holder into a comfortable viewing position from any angle. With a heavy duty weighted base each stand is solid and steady when assembled to withstand daily wear and tear.

BoxWave's Vantage Tablet Mount Floor Stand - Gooseneck: Viewing Options are Endless!


  • Adjustable mount to fit your Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Rotates into any orientation for convenient viewing options
  • Weighted base for added stability
  • Compatibility: Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Material: Aluminum