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Velvet Pouch iPad 2 Stand

Velvet Pouch iPad 2 Stand



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Use the Velvet Pouch Stand to proudly carry and display your Apple iPad 2. As one of the newest and most innovative of devices, the Apple iPad 2 pairs well with the innovative design of the Velvet Pouch Stand.

Perfectly sized, slip your device into the pouch and Velcro shut for a quick and safe transportation option.

And while safe for storage or travel inside the Velvet Pouch, we find ourselves caught in a genuine catch-22 situation. A device like the Apple iPad 2 isn't meant to be kept hidden, it's meant to be proudly displayed. This is where the innovation of the Velvet Pouch Stand really comes into play.

Remove your device from the Velvet Pouch, and use the built-in magnets to create a one of a kind viewing stand. The cover folds onto itself and your Apple iPad 2 stands tall, the bottom edge resting securely against a reinforcing fabric flap.

The Velvet Pouch Stand for the Apple iPad 2: It's Time for Innovation to Take a Stand


  • Soft felt exterior
  • Interior pouch exactly sized to fit your device
  • Secure Velcro closure
  • Built-in magnets fold the Pouch into a one of a kind viewing stand
  • Available in Burgundy and Tan color
  • Compatibility: Apple iPad 2
  • Material: Fabric